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Sad News!

Extremely sad news - over the weekend we learned of the passing away of John McDonald (Maca) who, together with Erik Bellamy, founded the folk club about 20 years ago.

John was a powerful singer, narrator and bodhran player, who also gave up no end of his time and effort to encourage other people in starting out singing or playing a musical instrument. He was also deeply involved with Bak

analia Morris and was a first rate Ceilidh caller.

He encouraged both Julia and I when (in my case) we got back into performing after a long break, and (in Julia's case) to try singing when she had already passed her 50th.

He will be fondly remembered by everyone at the White Horse and by those in the folk world at large. I think I remembering him emailing that he and Isi would be returning to Sidmouth this year after along absence with touring Europe on their boat.

Our thoughts go out to Isi and to John's family.

Dave T

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