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Phil Riley/Julie Wright "All at Seagrave" 2012.

Vivien Richardson and Friends in the pub garden "All at Seagrave.

Paul Metsers - guest night in the function room - "One More Time".

Erik Bellamy, one of the original founders of the club leading everyone in one of his trademark "kitchen sink" songs!

Kim Lowings and the Greenwood - guest night in the function room.

Bright Season - guest night - April 2014.

Steve Cartwright singing his own son "Dominus" -"All at Seagrave 2014".

Choon playing in the garden of the White Horse - "All at Seagrave 2014".

"Birds on the Wing" - All at Seagrave 2014.

Danny Pedler and Rosie Butler-Hall live at Seagrave, March 2015..

Another great performance by Danny and Rosie!

Kevin Dempsey  - "The Music Bringer" - June 2015. Rare solo gig..

Kevin Dempsey - live at the White Horse, Seagrave, June 2105.

Banjo Dez entertaining us at the White Horse, Seagrave with a slightly "risque" little number by Mr Formby.

Tim Garland with "Postscript" - "The Goole Captain" - December 2015.


"Postscript" - "The Captain Cried" - live at Seagrave: December 2015.

Andy Griffiths "The Only Good Thing" at the White Horse: March 2016.


The Roby Doos "Twenty Years" at the White Horse, Seagrave, March 2014..

Julie and Steve Wigley + Abbie on cello live at the White Horse, Sept 2016

"Two's Company" (Alice Baillie/David Jenkinson) live at the White Horse - Alice's own song "Darkness it Falls".

"Start it all over Again" - "Two's Comany" at the White Horse, Sept 2016.

"Looma" with the Bob Gilmour Evans Song "Mighty Columbia, November 2016

"Looma" -with "J'ai Passe" -  Mark Theobald - vocals/harmonica - November 2106.

Mick and Andrea Scott with Mick's song "Taylor's Bell" - Nov 2016.

Roy entertaining the assembled company -All at Seagrave 2017

Phil Riley and Neil Mercer with their song "Oliver" - October 2017.

Roger Wilson with his own song "Payday" - January 2018

Roger Wilson - "Beggar's Song" January 2018

Between Two Shores live -"All at Seagrave 2018" -  "Forget me Not"

Phil Riley "Timelord" - "All at Seagrave 2018".

The Two Daves -"Rocky Road to Dublin - "All at Seagrave 2018".

John Prowse "Little Red Rooster" - "All at Seagrave 2018".

Steve Cartwright live at "All at Seagrave 2018".

Stitherum - "Land of Time" (Pete  Morton) "All at Seagrave 2019"

Pete Tomlyn - "T.B.Blues - "All at Seagrave"


Andrea Scott - "Anachie Gordon" accompanied by Mick - "All at Seagrave" 2018

"Desperately Seeking Snow White"  -"All at Seagrave " 2018.

Phil Riley - "All at Seagrave" 2018

Paul Carbuncle sings "Lover, Lover, Lover by Leonard Cohen _Sep 2019

Paul Carbuncle sings "The Lord Giveth" (Scott Cook) - Sep 2019

Edward Hayes sings Reg Meuross  - Sep 2019

The Well Seasoned Mummers - Christmas 2022

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